Opportunities & Awards for Social Enterprises

20 10 2011

Seeking Social Enterprises for the 2011 Ottawa Community Challenge (OCC)!

OCC is a community-wide initiative supported by OCRI TalentBridge, Hub Ottawa, and CISED that seeks to bridge young socially-conscious enterpreneurial talent with commnity organizations, specifically not-for-profits and socially-driven enterprises.   As a social enterprise, you get to present a mission-critical problem related to business,  marketing, communications or technology. 

For  the 2011 OCC, non-profits or socially driven enterprises are the focus.  Over 48 hours on the weekend of November 18-20, youth leaders will come up with creative and implementable solutions for your specific challenge.   For further info contact Manu at msharma@ocri.ca or Vinod at vinod@rajasekaran@gmail.com

Apply by October 28, 2011, by sending a brief (half-page max) Expression of Interest detailing the background and focus of your organization together with a clearly articulated statement of your challenge to Vinod Rajasekaran at Hub Ottawa at vinod.rajasekaran@gmail.com  


Could you be the U of O Social Innovation Enterprise of the Year??

This award will be announced at the upcoming Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference taking place November 15, 2011 at Algonquin College.  Click here for more information on this award and how to apply.


Check out these upcoming events for social enterprises

26 09 2011

October 14 – enp-Ottawa   Building Your Social Enterprise Workshop     (Ottawa, ON)

We invite you to join CISED and Enterprising Non Profits  for a day-long workshop to learn more about social enterprise and to become qualified to apply for an enp technical assistance grant.  Registration is limited.

Nov 15 – Corporate & Community Social Responsibility Conference   (Algonquin College – Ottawa, ON)

Do you want to learn about innovative practices in corporate/community collaboration?    The 4th annual CCSR conference will showcase new ways that corporations are engaging with the community and the not-for-profit sector, in the pursuit of social and environmental good.  Registration is now open.

Nov 20-22 – Fourth Annual Conference on Social Enterprise  (Halifax, NS)

Join hundreds of social enterprise practitioners for 3 days in Halifax to learn, share, network, and build the social enterprise sector in Canada.  Registration is now open.

For more events, click here.

Is your organization exploring, starting or growing a social enterprise?

16 09 2011

If you are, then you will want to check out the new resources available for local non-profits.  Enp and CISED are partnering to bring technical assistance and grants to Ottawa to support the development of social enterprises. 

For more information, click here.

Enterprising Non Profits Comes to Ottawa!

31 08 2011

Exciting News  – CISED is launching the enp-Ottawa pilot !

This fall CISED will be piloting the Enterprising Non Profits (enp) model using the widely recognized and successful model from British Columbia that has recently expanded to Alberta and Toronto.  enp is a collaborative program that provides grants, resources, and technical assistance to non-profit organizations to support the creation and growth of social enterprises.

The formal launch of the enp-Ottawa pilot will take place on October 13th followed by a day-long workshop for potential applicants on October 14th.    Stay tuned for more information about the enp program, eligibility, and application process which will be posted shortly on our website and in our blog .

Welcome to  CISED’s a new Social Enterprise Coordinator !

We are very pleased to announce that Jonathan Wade will be joining the CISED team on September 12 in the role of Social Enterprise Coordinator.  Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience including project management, social financing and enterprise development, fundraising and marketing, and a passion for social enterprise and innovation.

CISED thanks the over 150 individuals who applied for the Social Enterprise Coordinator position.  Clearly, there is a keen interest in social business in Ottawa!  Lastly, CISED wishes all the best to Jessica Lax as she heads for BC where she will no doubt be making waves in the social innovation sphere.

CISED is hiring!

4 07 2011

There are many changes ahead for CISED in coming months, with one major change being Jessica’s departure.  Jessica has been running CISED since Nov.2010 and will be moving to Vancouver in the fall.  She will be missed!

Brenda Richardson, who worked on CISED in its first year and currently manages Causeway’s three social businesses, will be taking on some aspects of CISED, however we will be hiring someone to work with her.

Do you anyone who is passionate about social enterprise or has experience in marketing and communications? If so, please pass on the job posting.  Deadline for applications is July 17th.

Social Enterprise Support Across Ontario!

21 06 2011

On June 7th-8th I had the opportunity to attend the Ontario CCEDNet conference in Toronto.  After an exciting learning tour which visited six social enterprises in Toronto, I then attended a full day session with other community economic development folks in Ontario.  I presented a workshop with the wonderful, Cathy Lang, on the social enterprise capacity building work that is being done across Ontario.  The workshop was full of people interested in bringing similar supports to their own community.

The workshop began with the question “If money were no object what would be the ideal way to build the capacity of social enterprises in your community?”.  This visioning exercise brought out a range of ideas – everything from stronger community networks, integration of SE into academic institutions (and even primary and secondary schools), and funding for experimentation as organizations try out different business models.

Our workshop also presented information from three initiatives: The RSEP – Rural Social Enterprise Project (across Ontario), the CISED – Collaborative for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (Ottawa), and the SECSC – Social Enterprise for Creative and Sustainable Communities (London-Middlesex).  Presenting the three projects together did point out that we need to use fewer acronyms (!), but also showcased the similarities in our work.   The importance of place based work, seed funding, and a mix of general and customized technical assistance came through as common themes.

Check out the full presentation for a good snapshot of social enterprise development in Ontario and let me know if you have anything to add!

Crowdfund your Social Enterprise?

10 05 2011

I recently interviewed 11 social enterprises or organizations looking to start up social enterprises in Ottawa and a lack of funding was such a common theme that we decided to make the focus of this month’s CISED event Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding as described by wikipedia involves:

“the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. “

How is this different than the basic fund raising charities have been doing online with the help of Canada Helps and other online tools?

Crowdfunding usually refers to specific projects with a start and end date (rather than funding an organization), and it implies a new way to connect with donors – mostly through social media.  Many crowdfunding sites also allow ‘donors’ to becomes investors – offering a portion of future revenues (Profounder), facilitating loans (Prosper), or offering other incentives and rewards (Kickstarter).  All of these sites allow ideas to be funded that may not be interesting to typical financiers, as well building a customer/fan base that can help prove the viability of an idea.

However many of these sites aren’t available in Canada, nor are they set up specifically for charities.  And with those that are – how do you figure out if your project/idea/social enterprise is a good fit?

Paul Dombowsky from Ideavibes and Fundchange (Canada’s first crowdfunding destination site for charities) will be speaking at CISED’s next social enterprise breakfast.  Join us May 26th 8:30am-10am in the Causeway Board Room to hear what he has to say.